Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good News:)

No, I still do not have a release date.

But, editor Chuck emailed me on Friday with the news my e-baby should be returning from the proofreaders by the end of the week:)

Here's hoping all is well with it and it arrives with a release date?

In other news....
Remember my temperamental friend? Apparently she's over her snit and we're back to our regular email correspondence. See there? Patience and prayer works. Remember that the next time someone you love takes your head off for no reason. Unless, of course, there are other circumstances involved. I am in no way condoning verbal abuse here!

Aler-ego managed to see two books yesterday and when her bookmarks were gone, she very nicely passed out mine:) Always nice to have cross-promotion.

I'm trying to interview Marc for a blog post, but he keeps wanting to give away too much info. When I get him to cooperate, I'll post it.

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