Friday, March 27, 2009

Blogging Interest??

I've noticed a dwindling interest in fellow bloggers lately.

When I first came on the blogging scene, I was encouraged to post daily, and my alter-ego took care of that. But now, even the readers seem to be gravitating toward the 'sensational' posts; the controversial ones.

I miss the interviews; the book reviews; the comraderie of daily comments.

Is it the fact that we've moved on to FaceBook? Twitter?

I've even noticed a decline in the chat rooms I frequent.

Or is it that we're all so busy writing we don't have time to chat, post, or whatever?

I know from my sitemeter that my readers are out there; I just wish more of them would pop in with a 'hi' every now and then.

I love the 'blogs I'm following' feature; it lets me know when one of my friends has posted, so I'm not wasting time clicking on links where the posts are a week or two old. I know I'm bad about updating this site, but as Molly runs off at the fingers every day, she doesn't leave me anything to say:)

Update on MS:
I'm on the final chapter edits! I sent the first two/last two final chapter edits; now it's time to revisit chs 3-5. Fun, fun. And I've recently discovered I've been correcting the wrong versions. Sorry Chuck...but I'm glad we finally agreed on the ending!

And yes, I try to run a clean blog, but every once in a while a 'wtf'' moment slips out. Sometimes, there's just no other word...but I refuse to get too controversial!

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